Log Detective

Help us improve the RPM packaging experience by training an AI model to recognize and explain build failures in simple words.

About the project

Debugging failed builds is hard
Each build produces thousands of lines of output split among multiple log files. And the relevant error message can be anywhere. It's just like a needle in a haystack.
Does it matter?
Veteran packagers have an intuition where the error message will most likely be, but the process is tedious regardless. Newbies are often overwhelmed by the complexity and miss the error message completely.
What is our goal?
Train an AI model to understand RPM build logs and explain the failure in simple words, with recommendations how to fix it. You won't need to open the logs at all.
How can I help?
We cannot do this without your help. A large set of RPM build logs needs to be collected and anotated to serve as training data. Please help us to improve the RPM packaging ecosystem by contributing your failed build logs or reviewing the data we already have.
Download collected data
Are you interested in the data we received from users? You can download them here. Data is available under CDLA-Permissive-2.0 license.